Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things In My House Thursday

The last time I played along with Thing In My House Thursday, I posted pictures of one half of my son's galactic style room. I mentioned that we based the room on a bedspread and on the movie Stargate. Here are photos of the Stargate closet my husband built.

Here is a picture of the closet. It was your basic, opposing, sliding doors type box. He took the doors off and created this massive temple looking facade.
The first picture is one with the lights on. He installed a small red button type switch which is on a five minute timer. The lights are your basic red string, Christmas type lights.

The second picture: I opened one of the doors to show you the inside. The other side is just a rod with clothes hanging on it. Because the rooms are fairly small, he built the dresser inside the closet. There are sliding shelf drawers a big shelf going across the top.

In these pictures you can see the detail that went into the wood work of the closet. He carved each symbol and the first picture is my son's initials. The others are some that he found from the actual movie Stargate. You can see in the middle picture the type of crackle paint that was used. Only on an angle can you see that it has red in it. Otherwise if looks black. This was also used on the window. You an also see the 3 recessed lights above the closet in this picture.

In the last picture, I wanted to show you the trap door on either side for the Christmas lights. If a light ever goes out, he simply pulls them up through the door to change the bulb. Genius, No!???

I have so many projects around the house I would love done. With the economy these days, I would have to take a cash advance to do any such work around the house. Times are hard everywhere. We have to pray for an upswing. I thought it was hard 3 years ago but it has never been this bad.


  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Maria, your husband did a super job! I can only imagine how cool that must be for your son. I agree that the economy is totally in the tank. I'm hopeful (but not too optimistic) that it will improve.

  2. UNBELIEVABLE. Your husband is so talented!! He needs his own design show :) !

    Hoping along with you and Susan that the economy might be improving soon.....slowly, for sure.... but hopefully improving.

    Thanks so much for joining TIMHT!

  3. How awesome!! I'd love that if I were a boy!!

  4. Anonymous2:37 AM

    cool blog. I like it

  5. Wow that is awesome! Your husband has great talent.

    I hope things improve for everyone it is just so hard for so many right now.

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Great job! Your husband did an 'amazing' job! Sure hope your son appreciates it!

    Maybe you and your hubby should open a furniture design show!

    Good luck!

  7. Susan, Thanks. I love this room. It is one of the first things I show when someone comes over for the first time.

    MSM, Yeah, there isn't much he can't do when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    Carol, Me too!

    whaong, Thanks.

    becky,Thanks so much,

    Leandrew, I don't think he appreciates it yet but one day he is going to think it is the coolest.


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