Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Taylor Swift Makes It Ok For My Son To Say Stupid

Ok, long story short...

Stupid is a word in my house that has been deemed a "bad word". When my 5 year old started saying it a few months back, we told him, "no you don't say that, it's a bad word."

Fast forward to the beginning of February and I feel in love with everything Taylor Swift. I adore her songs and downloaded them to my MP3 player for our time in the car.

When he first heard the song he said, "what did she say?" I told him she was talking about a pick up truck, not a person. He asked for it again, and sang along with the "stupid pick up truck" part.

It's cute. This is the first song he has taken a liking to beside kid songs or the songs of Annie which I spoke about here.

We have been having problems with backtalking for a while now, but this is really just a song and he enjoys it and so do I.

It's cute. I can't wait to see what song he takes to next.

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