Monday, August 10, 2015

Our Mommy and Me Day Was Colorful, Creative and Completely Perfect

Goddess and I spend A LOT of time together. She is my best bud and I enjoy being with her. We both love drawing, painting and creating so I signed us up for a Mommy and Me paint class.

Handsome and his dad headed to the beach so Goddess and I stopped to dog walk as part of our dog sitting job and headed over early. We were excited and it was a gorgeous day yesterday.

When we got to the place they were still setting up so we hung in the car for a moment.  She was amazed that she could fit in the passenger leg area and asked if she could drive home that way. Ummmmm NO!

She is nuts!

We started seeing some cars show up so we walked in wanting to get a front row spot.

Every spot is good as you can see from all the seats but why not!? We took a selfie before everyone else showed up.

We were meeting another mother and daughter team which made this even more special. Goddess and my friend's daughter have known each other since they were 3 years old attending the same preschool. They were in every class together up until this year. Unfortunately since they are both on the shyer side, they didn't spend much time together at school so we have been trying to make a conscious effort to get them together this summer.

Goddess couldn't wait to get started. She was ready!

My girlfriend snapped a quickie of us after I snapped her and her daughter. No reason not to commemorate the day. This is what I have prayed for since I had my daughter. Yes, spending time together at home is great but I want to experience things with her. Make memories and learn.

I work better standing up. I'm short! I can't even tell that I am standing in this photo that the art teacher took for us. I love that she did that. We were in the zone. We left the camera on the table and she grabbed this shot for us.

We are some serious painters

Here is our finished project. I think we did a great job if I do say so myself. She and I loved it and were amazed that our hearts met up like they were supposed to.

Everyone did amazing and it was so nice to hear everyone talking and matching their palette so that the paintings flowed together.

I loved it and can't wait to paint again! Signed Goddess up for another work shop and hopefully I can find money in the budget for myself soon.

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