Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My American Rainbow

The other day the kids and I were heading out to drop Goddess off at a sleep over. Her friend's mom called asking of she wanted to spend the night and with the storms passing I was game. The thunder and lightening prior made me too nervous to say yes. If she was away from home and the power went out she would have been nervous but it was turning into a great evening.

As we rounded a turn Handsome said, "rainbow". He usually talks in single words because he is impulsive and I have come to learn that if he doesn't say it he will forget it so he just spews what seems like randomness. I usually do try to tell him I need full sentences but this time I looked over.


There it was...a stunning rainbow with all the colors still in full effect. I pulled over quickly, grabbed my phone and told the kids to stay.

It was burning off as I got closer but I managed to snap this photo.

My first rainbow and it was beautiful.

To everyone who is reading, I wish you a rainbow and at the end of it all, I hope you get everything you want. I know I pray for that for myself and I will pray for you too.


  1. That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL...stunning colors, deep and rich. And from a cellphone no less. Wow.

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Pretty shot!

  3. Hello, gorgeous sighting of the rainbow. It is a pretty one, great capture!

  4. What a beautiful rainbow and heart-felt thoughts. I wish the same to you and your family... Michelle from Nature Notes...

  5. Just so beautiful! A good rainbow is 'hard to come by'.
    Have a Beautiful Week!
    Peace :)

  6. I have catched a Norwegian mountain rainbow, it's nice to see your American


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