Monday, August 24, 2015

Don't Miss This Wonderful Movie! #MaddingCrowdInsiders

A few weeks ago I hosted a movie giveaway through FoxHomeInsiders. This weekend I finally got to watch Far From The Madding Crowd and it is NOT one to be missed.

Honestly prior to this giveaway/review I had never heard of it. Maybe you also have never heard of it but I can tell you it is a beautiful love story about honor, love, strength, and perseverance from the book by Thomas Hardy

If you know anything about Carey Mulligan she is a tremendous actress who we need to see much more of. I reviewed her in Never Let Me Go and still remember the impact of her talent.

In this movie, Carey Mulligan stars as a headstrong Victorian beauty in this sweeping romantic drama, based on the literary classic by Thomas Hardy. Mulligan plays Bathsheba Everdene, an independent woman who attracts three different suitors: a sheep farmer (Matthias Schoenaerts); a dashing soldier (Tom Sturridge); and a prosperous, older bachelor (Michael Sheen). This timeless story of Bathsheba’s passions explores the nature of relationships, love and resilience.

The 411:

If you love classics you will love this movie but if nothing else you look at the acting of Mulligan, Sheen and Sturridge.  The scenery is stunning and the storyline classic, moving and inspiring. There is intrigue, mystery, drama, romance, seduction and more.

Carey is an educated young woman staying at a relatives farm. She meets Shepherd Gabriel Oak who is smitted immediately. A lonely shepherd with his 100 flock asks her to marry him but she insists she has no need for a man. She doesn't want to be someone's property. Got to love a strong female role.

When Bathsheba's uncle passes away he leaves her his farm. She is now a mistress in charge of an entire farm and all it's employees AND this lady knows what she wants and it is NOT a man to take care of her. When one suitor tells her that he if she marries him she will have a piano she smirks and says, she already has one.

It is the smirk on Mulligan I love most. She always looks like she is up to something and has one up on you AND in this movie she does.

Matthias Schoenaerts as Gabriel Oaks is wonderfully strong and steady. Taking the lead and then stepping back as her friend and confident. Someone she learns to trust and lean on which is something she has a difficult time with as a strong female.

Michael Sheen was beautifully silent and dignified as the rich, older gentlemen. My heart ached for him and his forgiving, gentle way.

I loved this movie and suggest you give it a try.


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    Thanks for commenting on my blog today - I went on your twitter, to get here:) Had to smile about the origami "lesson!" I think it's really something you need a talent for! Have a happy week!

  2. This sounds like a movie I'd really enjoy watching! Thanks for the excellent review


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