Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Fry Food With Little Or No Oil? The #Aerofryer Does It Work?

I was very excited to try the AeroFryer. The product comes well packaged with easy instructions and a recipe booklet.

Putting it together is easy and my first batch of food was not as I had expected but still cooked easily.

It does cook with little or no oil
The product is really easy to clean
Cooking time is quick
You can easily see your food cooking through the glass top
You can bake on the hottest days of the year without heating your house with an oven
Great additional cooking space if you are cooking a large meal and require more oven space
Great for baking frozen food like chicken nuggets
Shuts off when the top is removed and turns on when the handle is pushed down
Clean up is really easy. The heating element is in the lid so the whole oven part can be completely cleaned

It can't hold much food as the basket isn't very big
Isn't really a fryer as much as an oven

The fryer comes with a spray bottle for oil an extender ring, a basket and rack so you can put the basket either higher or lower to the halogen lights that do the cooking.

My first attempt was chicken cutlets. They did cook but didn't taste anything like if I had fried them. They were more dry as if I had baked them. My second attempt was frozen chicken nuggets for the kids which came out pretty awesome. Crunchy and perfect. My third attempt was some tater tots and heated up chicken from the Chinese restaurant which came out better then if I had put it in the microwave where it gets soft. It was as if I just got it from the restaurant. Crunchy outside and perfect in.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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