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Our Family Movie Night Was A Colorful Celebration Of The Dead! #BOLinsiders - The Book Of Life Coloring Sheets

THE BOOK OF LIFE is a breathtaking animated comedy with a dazzling visual style unlike anything you’ve seen before. Torn between the expectations of his family and the desires of his heart, a young man named Manolo sets off on an epic quest that spans three spectacular worlds in order to reunite with his one true love and defend his village. Not your ordinary fairy tale, THE BOOK OF LIFE is a wondrous fantasy-adventure filled with magic, music and fun.

"Follow me, you need to see something special. All the world is made of stories and all of those stories are right here in The Book of Life. But the greatest story begins on the Day of the Dead, a day when spirits pass between worlds and anything can happen."

The kids and I sat down to watch a vibrant, beautifully animated story of two friends who are in love with the same woman and how tradition, legend and family effect the outcome. 

Well, maybe that is a bit broad of an explanation...

Plot: There are three stories involved in this movie about the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. The holiday where family remembers there loved ones who have passed.

Manolo and Joaquin love Maria. The three best friends spend all their time together while the boys are sweetly competitive with their affections for their dear friend.  

Some students on a museum tour listening to the story of the three friends 

AND two spirits Xibalba and La Muerte in the Land of the Remembered watch the two friends fighting over Maria and place a wager on who will marry Maria.

The youngsters find themselves in some trouble and Maria's father sends her away to Spain to become a proper woman. 

When she returns the boys are still as competitive as ever except this time, one of the spirits is upping his tactics to win the bet and have Maria choose Joaquin. 

Myth and tradition take center stage and the movie takes on a paranormal storyline involving the afterlife with a visit the The Land of The Remembered and Forgotten before the ending that we all hoped for.

Visually: The movie is truly stunning. sugar skulls, vibrant color, and festivals so incredible. The characters are all wonderfully done with a wooden look to some that made me think of Tim Burton movies Nightmare Before Christmas. I can only imagine this movie in 3D. The Land of The Remembered is truly a masterpiece.

Characters: What is not to love? The woman are beautiful, the men are handsome, there is even an adorable pig who is given to Maria by Manolo after she rescues him that has the sweetest face with his heart shaped nostrils.  I personally loved the singing nuns who showed up every once in a while while my daughter loved Maria and my son loved the head of Manolo's grandfather. Just the head! He is carried by Manolo's mother in the Land of The Remembered.   

Soundtrack: I loved it! So many great songs included in this movie. I Will Wait For You (Mumford and Son), Creep (Radiohead), Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis), Do You Think I'm Sexy (Rod Stewart), Just A Friend (Biz Markie) and more. 

Great movie for the whole family.

Some photos from our movie night:

UGH...look at that window! 

I quickly shut the curtain!

Goddess and I posing while Handsome took a bathroom break. Best photo I have ever taken

They are so cute! Why did my son not like Manolo? I would have loved him! I just noticed my son had on the perfect pants for this movie night.

Some extras I received as a Fox Home Insider. 

I am so putting these in Goddess' lunch box next week.

We want to thank Fox Home Entertainment for the wonderfully fun gift pack to host our Family movie Night.  We had a blast and I love spending time with my kids "UNPLUGGED".

Coloring Sheet:

To Purchase:
The movie is on sale at Amazon right now! 

Disclaimer: I received a family movie night package as a Fox Home Entertainment Insider. No monetary compensation was offered.

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