Thursday, January 15, 2015

I've Been Inspired! #makeup #imatter #iamworthit

Jenny MatlockIn the past I had a love affair with make-up that started way before it should have. My gay dad loved making up our faces as little girls and Grandma really knew the Avon lady and helped her stay in business by buying us whatever make-up we asked for.

At 12 I really knew make-up and loved it. I would sit and try different looks out and learned shading and how to do my eye make-up so much so that a friend who didn't wear any asked me to do her make-up for a night out when we were in our very early 20s. I am proud to say she got so many compliments that night she has not been without since.

Over the years I still wear make-up even if spending the day home (eye-liner is a must for me) but I use the same make-up for years. My blush, eye shadows and foundation last years. Taking care of my kids took a front seat. Not spending money on myself became the norm and not taking too much time on my appearance because that would mean I was selfish in my mind when there is so much to do turned into my everyday mindset.

Well, a little shift in my mindset over the past year about how I MATTER TOO and my stunning niece's You Tube Channel has Inspired Me.  Check Out these make-up tutorial's and be inspired too.

Me the day before I watched the videos

Me after the video's (BTW, I seriously need an eyebrow make-over.


I will be 49 this year and I think it may be time for a change with either the hair or the make-up but for now, I am happy with little old me and got compliments yesterday on how bright my face was and how happy I looked. I'll take those compliments any day.


  1. You do look bright and happy! Maybe it's time to rethink my style a bit!!

  2. I like the smokey look of your eye make-up. Eye make-up was my favorite thing when I was younger. I can't use the stuff anymore because of allergies. Oh well.

  3. Your eyes look awesome. But I think you always look beautiful.

  4. Makeup is so much fun! It always makes me feel better when I apply it. One of these days I'll have to show you a before and after picture of me without makeup and then with makeup. The before picture is pretty scary.


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