Thursday, May 02, 2013

Shnoozles For Bedtime

According to Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, children observe the people around them (models) and encode their behavior. At a later time they may imitate/copy the behavior they observed. The child is more likely to attend to and imitate those people/things that it perceives similar to itself. 

In light of this theory, a popular children’s toy has been developed that acts as a natural sleeping aid for kids who have trouble catching Z’s.

Shnoozles are award-winning, research-backed plush dolls with patented sleepy-time eyes designed to encourage children follow suit at bedtime. They are soothing, comforting pals for kids that help parents overcome their children’s inherent reluctance to nod off naturally.  Unlike other household toys, they contain no batteries, no hums, lights or anything else that can distract from a good night's sleep. They provide children with a comforting sense of security that facilitates a restful night every night.  They also inspire imagination, while helping children self-soothe. 

Award-winning Shnoozles are the only plush toys with patented "Shnoozle” eyes. Among the recognition Shnoozles have earned is the Mom's Choice Award, which recognizes excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.  Shnoozles have also won Creative Magazine's 2012 Creative Toy Preferred Choice Award. 

The 411 by Maria And Goddess

We love this soft pink sweetie who thinks other kids will love it too.
The idea of a non stimulating toy is exactly what is necessary during bedtime and my husband and I have long been believers in lovies. My daughter is 8 and my son will soon be 10 and they still have favorites stuffies that they sleep with. My daughter, more than my son absolutely needs her "doggie" and now her "batty" to sleep and they is what she looks for when she is crying and I am putting ice on her or trying to give her medicine.   She feels that if she had a Shnoozles when she was a baby she would have gravitated to it at bed time because of the nightgown and sleepy eyes. 

This week I had a party with 8 moms who were 50/50 about it. Some thought it was OK but felt it needed something like perhaps a lullaby or movement. The others loved the fact that it did nothing. One friend said she would totally get this for her grandchild and felt it was something that would be special because no one else would get it for them but wished they came in more colors.

Here is our vlog about Shnoozles.

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