Wednesday, March 21, 2012

YooHoo Friends WannaBe Are My Kids Favorites

We have been dealing with YooHoo since it's start in 2006 and have loved them along with 14 Million others (that is 13,000 daily).

We also participate in their interactive website which is based on animals from around the world including endangered species. 

We as a family have purchased 6 for our children and a total of 10 for friends and family. In fact this week was a special 3 year olds birthday and when I asked what she wanted, she told me something pink, Aurora World is immediately the company that came to mind.

Last week we received a ‘WannaBes’ one of the most popular items in the YooHoo & Friends line. For 2012, Aurora added jungle and domestic/barnyard assortments including a giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, horse, cow, cat and dog. Each makes a fun sound when squeezed and sports a removable hoodie for added play value.

Here is Goddess showing them off (Handsome makes a brief appearance, he has been fighting SOME fever!)

My kids love their stuffed animals, heck, I can't blame them, I have always loved them too!


  1. I'd pick the cat, but all of them are adorable!

  2. Amanda5:28 PM

    I love them! I collect them and I'm 24 lol. =)

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