Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rocky Cave Kids by Dian Curtis Regan

Rocky Cave Kids: The Dragon Stone (published by Marshall Cavendish with illustrations by Stacy Curtis) is a story of suspense and discovery for newly independent readers (ages 7-9) who love dinosaur stories.  Visit for more information about dinosaurs, prehistoric times, and Miggy's Clan.  The site also includes a brief video showing the timeline of history.

For years, Miggy and her friends have searched for dragon stones, but the stones are well hidden in the hills and valleys of Rocky Creek where Miggy's Clan lives. One day, while searching for a glimpse of a rare Spinosaurus, Miggy accidentally finds a dragon stone.

The Clan's wise grannies say that whoever finds one must keep it a secret or its ability to grant wishes will disappear. Is the stone's magical power really meant for Miggy alone? Even if the very existence of the Clan is in danger? How brave can a cave girl be?

A free teaching guide for the classroom is on the author's website:

The 411 by Maria:
This is the perfect book for Handsome who is in the second grade and can read very well. Although his reading skills are that of a 4th grader he doesn't always understand what he is reading. He is only in the 2nd grade and usually ends up picking books that are too easy for him because of his grade. This is a great introduction to chapter books for him. 

He was sick for 2 days this week but with it being Dr. Seuss Birthday month, his school has a lot of reading assignments. We spent his two sick days reading Rocky Cave Kids and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

We enjoyed the fantasy dinosaur tale of Miggy and her friends. He loved the names of Twig, Wooly, Stone and Crow and we wondered why they were named such. What I loved most about the book is how the story is written for younger kids but the writing is a great way for them to build on story structure. 

Handsome especially liked the map at the beginning of the book. His social studies lesson and test last week was about maps and we had to stop the story a lot in the beginning because he wanted to go back to the map to see where everyone was in the story in relation to the map!

While Handsome has never been the boy who isn't into dinosaurs, he really enjoyed the book because of the characters.


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