Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Love Filled Bridge

Goddess loves being outside. She will go out everyday and stay out for hours always finding something to keep herself busy. She explores our backyard and is a great finder of long forgotten items or items that we didn't even know were lost. She took her chalk and decorated our bridge the other day. I loved how she looked while doing it and the straight shadows all around her from the sun streaming through the naked trees.

Admiring her own work!


  1. Cute photos! I still enjoy drawing with chalk on our driveway. :)

  2. Drawing with chalk used to be one of my daughter's favorite things to do when she was little. Every now and then when she has friends over, they will draw with chalk on the driveway. And, of course take pictures of it too, (they photograph Everything!). I keep chalk around for my niece when she comes over, she too loves drawing with it. My hubby doesn't really like it when they draw on the sidewalk or driveway, but I still let them. After all it is not permanent.
    I like the shadow on the little bridge and the chalk heart makes it even better.
    Happy Sunday!!

  3. Kelly, Thank so much! Chalk and the driveway just go together don't they?

    Thanks for the comment LightHouseGal!
    My husband doesn’t like it either and like You, I feel it isn’t permanent get over it!
    The bridge has never been drawn on because they usually play with the chalk on the deck. This was a first and I love it.
    Have a great day.

  4. It is fun drawing with chalk on wood or concrete. This is delightful! A walkway with a heart!

  5. A blue heart! And blue is my favorite color! Lovely!

    Shadowy Poppy

  6. I love her blue heart!

    Happy Blue Monday, Maria.

  7. When mine was younger, she loved to do that too. :)

    My Blue Monday.

  8. That's good! Pretty heart:)

    Visiting for for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)

  9. Lovely shots Maria.


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