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I Hate You Kelly Donahue by Mark Svartz

I Hate You, Kelly Donahue
DO NOT OPEN! Nothing to See Here, Just Boring Stuff and Empty Pages
By Mark Svartz
Published by Adams Media
Paperback: 112 pages
January 15, 2012; $13.95 US/$14.50 CAN; 978-1-4405-2754-8

As a little kid, a boy would pinch the girl he liked. As a grown-up, Mark Svartz plans her ultimate demise through a number of twisted murder plots that involve lead pipes, escape routes, and David Hasselhoff. Some guys never grow up.
This book chronicles the eight months, sixteen days, and some-odd hours since Mark first laid eyes on the despicable, wretched wench he's destined to fight to the death. Every note, thought, IM, email, Post-It, and craigslist ad looking for a crime-scene clean-up is meticulously catalogued in Mark's journal.
Is it a diary of a mad man? Or a man madly in love? Who cares? It's seriously messed up. And seriously funny.
The 411 by Maria

Well, first...I love the whole look of the book. Written in handwritten diary form complete with little drawings and attached emails and photos. So very cute for a book written about how much someone despises another.  Basically Mark spends most of the book laying out his plan to "KILL" Kelly (can someone please check on Kelly?). One of his plots includes the soundtrack of David Hasselhoff blasting in the background and an uneaten plate of German bratwurst and sauerkraut.  Enjoyable book!

Author Bio
Mark Svartz,
is an author, artist, and award-winning advertising creative. Like most kids who were born and raised in Brooklyn, his lifelong dream was to write a book called I Hate You, Kelly Donahue. Amazingly, he is the only one who succeeded. The others are all failures.
This is Mark's first book and to make sure that people find it online, he will now mention random popular terms that will show up in searches: Lady Gaga; Obama; porn; Justin Bieber; Twitter; nude celebs; Oprah; kittens; boobs.

Mark currently lives in New York City and he thinks you are all awesome.

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