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The Dead - Zombie Apocalypse in Africa

The Dead
When the last evacuation flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (ROB FREEMAN) emerges as the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living.

On the run in a hostile and inhospitable parched landscape, where sudden death lurks around every sun-burnished corner, Murphy has to use his wits and ingenuity if he is to get home alive to his family.

When Murphys path clashes with that of Sergeant Daniel Dembele (PRINCE DAVID OSEI), whose village has been torn apart by the reanimated dead, they join forces.

The two desperate men from two very different cultures fight side by side to survive across the incredible vistas of Africa as the world succumbs to the deadliest of viruses.

In the first zombie road movie set against the spectacular vistas of Africa, the Dark Continent becomes a dead zone. A stunningly shot horror fantasy announcing the arrival of the Ford Brothers on the global genre scene, THE DEAD is as much an emotional journey through terror terrain as it is a physically demanding and beautiful-looking one. Shot in life-threatening, never-before-seen locations in Burkina Faso, French-speaking West Africa, and Ghana, including the Sahara Desert, on 35mm film by the award-winning Ford Brothers, THE DEAD is one of the most unique zombie movies of all time.

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The 411 by Maria:

Teach and I love our Zombie movies. We are big thriller fans and since The Walking Dead is our favorite show of the moment we were excited to see this.

While they don't have a big zombie makeup budget, what they lack in zombielicious, they make up in cinematography and storyline.

Rated R due to the flesh eating zombie scenes which are very reminiscent from the zombie movies of my youth, I found this apocalyptic movie moving in a very quiet way. Two men, one white, one black, both trying to get to their family work together to survive the zombie Apocalypse.  On the surface they appear very different but underneath they are the same, two dads who hold on dearly to a photo of their family and do what they can to take care of each other while surviving.

While the movie is different than most, these zombies are quiet. They can sneak up on ya in a second. They walk so slow that it is amazing they get anywhere at all. You can literally finish filling your car full of gas even if they are within eye sight because they walk slower than my 96 year old grandmother. All the zombies have beautiful blue, white eyes and they all look like they are starving. Nothing like trying to eat the living when the living are already dying from hunger.

The two main actors do a great job of holding the movie together and Prince David Osei is such a good looking guy that I was bummed when it looked like he wouldn't be getting back to his son.

We loved the movie despite the lack of action or drama but were extremely disappointed with the ending. The movie may have taken itself too seriously and ran out of gas in the last 5 minutes. Due to the lack of a proper ending we give this movie 3 out of 5. Nicely done.

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  1. I haven't watched too many of these types of films. It sounds way out there! Thanks for the review. I have a friend who watches this stuff all the time and can't get enough of it. Rita Spratlen


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