Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Safe, Green, Online, Social, Game Community for Kids

MiniMonos is a virtual world for kids. It's kind of a green version of Club Penguin… it's for kids who love to play and love the planet.

On MiniMonos ("Little Monkeys" in spanish) kids create monkey avatars, play games, make friends, and customise their tree-houses. We're about normalizing sustainability, rather than teaching or preaching about it… kids quickly grasp that if they don't play the recycling game often enough, rubbish piles up at their tree-houses. They get the connection between cleaning the lagoon in the Swim game and seeing new fish appear. Or collecting clouds in the Flight game so that the wind generator at their tree-house keeps spinning.

The game-playing by kids also leads to real-world action; every MiniMonos Gold membership provides clean water for children in India, and we've adopted two orphan orangutans. Some of the kids, in turn, have adopted their own orangutans. They've come up with initiatives like Pick-Up Trash Fridays, run eco-themed competitions using their own money, and in general have shown what a creative, fun, and cool bunch of kids they are. There are over 55,000 kids from around the world who meet up and socialize on MiniMonos (and we're fully moderated so it's an extremely safe place for kids to be).

What I Can Tell You:
My kids are total gamers. My son loves electronic games and my daughter loves computer games. I am not surprised because Dad and I are total gamers ourselves and have wasted years of our lives that we will never get back.

I set Goddess up and let her go. The hardest part is she can't read yet. You do need to be able to read to get the most from this site.

She loved the games especially the recycle game. Where she got to catapult the garbage into the correct recycling bin.

It's so easy to sign up and a safe way for kids to make online friends, choose an avatar, play games, and more importantly, Minimonos believes in creating a difference in the world.  Every new membership provides clean drinking water for children in India. When they hit their first 50 Gold members, they adopted an orangutan baby for a year.

The best features of these games are the life lessons kids learn on MiniMonos. If they don't clean the planet, trash builds up in their little online corner of the world. Creating good habits, starts early and my 5 year old spends most of her recess and park time, cleaning the earth. I can only imagine the activist she will become.

If your kids love online games, why not try one that gives back to the world in such a profound way. Clean water! Something we all need.

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