Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back To You And Me - A DVD Review

It has been years since Sydney Ludwick visited her rural hometown of Bloomfield and just as long since she has spoken with her estranged mother, a widow still haunted by a troubling family secret in Back to You And Me. Now a high school reunion has brought Syd back to mysteries of her past, old loves and promising new beginnings.

What I Can Tell You:
This was originally a Hallmark TV movie and is being released on DVD January 25th.

As the movie starts we meet Nurse Brenda and a surgeon nicknamed Mr. Personality who tells a nurse that a a patient passed and the room is now available.  Finally we meet Sydney played by Lisa Hartman Black who is a sympathetic doctor who feels a tremendous burden and a heart full of remorse as one of her patients is close to dying. She decides to head home for a high school reunion. Going home isn't easy for her as she and her mother played by Rue McClanahan haven't spoken since her father passed away. She has a misconception of her mother and what happened during her fathers final months.

Upon her return she finds out her mother has turned her house into the only B& B in town and has to stay there. She runs into her high school sweetheart, Gus, played by Dale Midkiff (I knew this guy from somewhere, his eyes were so familiar - He was in Pet Cemetery) who lost his wife and is now dating Connie a woman who is determined to settle down with him.

High school party boy, who is now a minister plays match maker to Gus and Syd, getting them together for a picnic.

Gus and his son (who has been sick since birth) take Syd on a picnic at the park and reminisce about high school days and life.

Finally the inevitable happens and Gus' son takes a turn for the worse. Syd gets him to the hospital, he has surgery everything is better.

Without giving the entire ending away, all loose ends are tied up on a pretty bow without being too sappy.

No tears for this softie but a decent movie. Great cast. All likable and although predictable. A family friendly, feel good movie.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from Vivendi Entertainment for my honest opinion.

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