Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Is Wrong With Todays Tweens?

Yesterday my dear friend a CCD teacher told me about an exercise she did with her 6th grade CCD class. They had to role play. She broke the class down into groups. Some would play the jocks, some the geeks, some the fly under the radar types, and so on. Her lesson was about the face we wear and what we show to others.

She walked up to a group and one of them told her he had the "flyest sneakers" or some such jazz. She then said as her character, "Oh yeah, mine are the a limited edition of the sneakers that are coming out next year" or something to that effect. The reaction she received was a "pretend" finger gun to her head and a couple of "bang-bangs".

She looked at her students like, "What, I got shot for saying my sneakers were cooler than yours?"

Is this a normal reaction for kids?  These days? Why? In 6th grade I was playing with my Barbies and watching the Brady Bunch. Drawing a pretend gun on my CCD teacher would have never even crossed my mind.

Then last night while trolling Facebook, I noticed a young, tween friend of mine had posted a few words, something to the effect of disappointment, hate, anger, blah, blah.." As I responded with a "Huh?" I noticed that there were people (friends of his) who hit "Like". They like this? Like?!

What the hell is going on?

Is it sensory overload, life, movies, video games, school, the news? What is wrong with the youth of America!?

Why are kids so violent, depressed, angry?!

Are they just misunderstood? Has society screwed up? Have things gotten so out of control that children at 12 and 13 would pretend to shoot their Catholic School teacher??

I just need to ask WTF?!!!


  1. This is why I plan on homeschooling my kid after this year. She has learned so much negative stuff from freakin PREK that it is not even funny! She does NOT watch violent t.v., yet somehow she comes home telling me about "shooters" (meaning guns) and I overhear her saying, as the voice of one of her toys, that she is going to shoot one of the other toys dead. There have been other things that have concerned me, too. Don't get me started on this topic....

  2. I have no idea what the deal is, but I hear you completely. The little boy that was giving R a hard time on the soccer field a while back, had walked up to her put a 'finger gun' in her face and kept yelling 'pow, pow, pow'...unprovoked. The kid was THREE!? Unbelieveable.

  3. I know what you mean. I think we came from a different mold all together, and I deal with my teens on a regular. Things are different now in both cases, the parents have less control, and the kids are more defiant and have more control. What ever happened to knowing not to talk a certain way or one of your parents would knock your block off?? That's how I was raised. I just knew better. Kids nowadays know Social Services, that doesn't make anything better.


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