Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ABC Wednesday - S

This letter is so much fun this round.
Monday I decided that school would have to wait, I was taking the kids out for our yearly mall visit to see Santa and spend the day together. We got to the mall at 10:12 a.m. and Santa was there and waiting. Well, they know it is not the "real" Santa. He can't be in all the malls, plus if you go to see Santa and the mall and then head out that same day to another location and they have a Santa, and he is not the same, what then? So, I have always told them, the truth; the mall Santa is not the "real" one.

Well, this year Goddess would have none of it. She is not rude but she refused to talk to "Santa". Granted he was a pretty pathetic Santa, we have seen some awesome ones over the last few years. This guy was a tiny bit bigger than Handsome. Who by the way had no problem telling Santa the 28 things on his list.

Sitting with Santa - Goddess was crying and very shy. Handsome not shy enough. He needs to learn humility.
Sitting with Santa

Shy - She was so nervous she started quietly crying. In 5 years she has never had a problem meeting Santa. Poor thing.
Shy Santa Visit

We then headed out to a local garden center that does Christmas pretty big. We loved it and we loved this Santa.

Santa Statue - This guy was about 4.5 feet tall. We loved his face.

Siblings - They are so cute together sometimes. The rest of the time, they are fighting like siblings do.

hugging sibs

Snowman - My kids ran to this happy guy. Who wouldn't love to have this huge snowman in their Christmas decorations this year.


  1. WHAT?! The store Santas aren't real? I am CRUSHED. I'm going to cry myself to sleep now...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Are you a happy, have two beautiful children, and I still do the same.
    I love Christmas and winter holidays in general.
    I hope that this year Santa will bring you everything you want!

  3. Love the festive photos!!! What a fantastic snowman!
    Too bad Goddess is over visiting Santa... you know I still go and sit on his lap every year. Really I do!

  4. Scared of a teeny tiny Santa and not scared of a ginormous snowman...Kids keep us on our toes because you never know what to expect ;)
    My daughter backs up to Santa and "allows" him to hug her, but she won't talk to him or sit in his lap because "he's a stranger" and I am just fine with that attitude!


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