Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Headchefs for Little Chefs Plus A Giveaway

Aren't these guys cute? Have you ever seen anything like them?
Introducing Head Chefs!


Heads Chefs are 17 unique kitchen tools for kids for baking, cooking and
common kitchen functions.

Each utensil has a different personality, color and kitchen job. The cool collection include spoons, spatulas, peelers, turners, measuring cups and spoons and more kitchen essentials for parents and little ones alike.

The company states, "they are designed to engage the imagination and participation of kids in the meal making progress. Healthy eating habits develop early, by providing your youngsters with Head Chefs products, suggested cooking tips and recipes you can help to start them off on a lifelong love of cooking healthy, nutritious and fun dishes."

The Head Chefs are child friendly and high quality silicone and metals and are safe for the dishwasher safe.

What I Can Tell You:
These are really cute. For the first two weeks of owning them Goddess took them everywhere and slept with measuring spoon because she liked his color.

Do the utensils make the kids want to cook? Well, my kids always want to help in the kitchen but they make me want to cook. I love them. They are very whimsical and sweet looking with their adorable belly buttons and bums.

I love how colorful they look when they are lined up on my counter with their little suction cup feet, like my own personal kitchen army.

Goddess loved using them (you may remember them from this post) she shouted, "look mom, I'm kissing their butt!"


We baked a cake and she really loved being able to have "her own" utensils.


She felt grown up as I let her do the entire cake by herself.


There is something very sweet about little ones creating in the kitchen. The cake was awesome and Goddess wants a collection of Head Chefs. Easy enough since their price tags make them great stocking stuffers for this Christmas.

Now for the Giveaway! Get started on your stocking stuffer or Head Chef collection with A Head Chef Spatula

To Win: Head over to Head Chefs website and tell me which Head Chef is your favorite by Midnight, November 30, 2010

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Disclosure:  "This post was written for Head Chefs who provided the complimentary products for review &  giveaway in exchange for my honest opinions.”

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  1. Hi - for these entries, do you have to complete the "form" multiple times, or complete the form once and document multiple times. So, for 3 entries - fill out the form 3 times or document "newsletter" for example 3 times in ONE form.


  2. Monique and anyone else who has been wondering the same thing. Until I can figure out how to put numbers on my blog comments the form is the only way I know how to make sure I don't have to count each comment and possibly make a mistake.

    Separate form comments is the only way I know how to make them appear separate on the excel spreadsheet. I am sure there has to be a way and if anyone knows, please feel free to contact me. It would make it easier on all of us.

    But, yes, to answer the question Monique, it would go 3 times if you are doing 3 entries...

    If you put all the entries in one form. The excel spreadsheet only shows me your name on one line instead of 3.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    This is the cutest cooking utensils!! I think kids would want to help more!! Goddess looked so cute in the pictures.


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