Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Moment of Randomness


Handsome scored his second goal of the season today. It made sitting on a damp, cold ground while entertaining Goddess worth it. 

He was so excited he screamed "yes" with a fist in the air. Then he and his friend hugged while ruffling each others hair. Love it! Such a confidence boast for my baby boy. Ok, my 7.5 year old but like I tell him, he will always be my baby boy!

I seriously need to start bringing the camera again. Haven't caught a goal on video yet. His reaction is so much better than the actual goal.

Last night he told me, I don't want to go to soccer! I told him he was going. He said, some other stupid comment and I told him to be nice, we just prayed. He said, "I don't like God anymore." I know that he says a lot of nonsense, especially tons of stuff he doesn't even mean. Random stuff like, "you don't know her" about a friend of mine for 4 years. "I don't want to go to school". Why?  Don't like school? "No, I like it, I want to go." Uggghhh, do you see the car? Yes! You did, what color was it? I don't know, I didn't see it. 
His answers are almost 50% of the time inappropriate to the question so I don't know why the God comment bothered me so much. I bothered me enough to revisit it in the car to the soccer game. Goddess, Handsome said he doesn't like God. That's not good right?" He says, "No, I like God. I like God a lot!"  Well, at least that eerie feeling went away. I didn't like the words hanging over our house like a dark cloud. I feel much lighter today.

I've got 90% of my kids Christmas shopping done! I feel so good about it. If I am unable to buy for anyone else, at least my kids are taken care of.

Filled out an online application for Borders on Friday. Ugghhh, took almost an hour to answer the 150 personality questions.

Friday at the school's morning meeting, the school honored about 10 veterans who showed up for the ceremony. Brought tears to my eyes when they were asked if they wanted to say something and randomly 4 stood to talk about where they served and the years they were there. 

One guys in particular said addressing the children, "If you ever want to do something nice for a vet. When you see them, on the street, in a street, take your mom or dad and say, I want to go over to that man and thank him. Saying thank you to a vet is the best thing you can do."  Such a beautiful, simple gesture. I would never think to do that. I would think that they wouldn't want to be bothered or made to feel different. But, maybe that is just me. That is what I would want. 

Goddess was asking questions about Pluto the other night and whether it is a planet. She then said, "when I get older, if I have enough money to buy a rocket ship or astronaut suit, I will fly to Pluto and explore it to see if it really isn't a planet.

Loved Letters To Juliet!

Never had a chance to post these gems of crazy chick Goddess.
Picnik collage

Picnik collage

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  1. Congratulations handsome on the goal, that's fantabulastic!

    Goddess is a cheeky one. I love the faces she makes!

    I got most of my kids done too. Just stocking stuffers now. I usually start in June though, but this year was rougher than most.


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