Saturday, October 04, 2008

Update of Handsome - 1 Month Into the School Year

From the beginning, I met with some people who thought my holding my son back from Kindergarten was only going to make him suffer in the future. Either he would be bored next year in Kindergarten or teased by classmates who remembered that he was once in their class and figure he must have been left back.

I stood my ground knowing that he would not be the only child ever held 1 year and that he would survive it.

If you are wondering why I decided to hold you can go back to the beginning but if not, let's move along shall we?

It has been 1 month since we started our ridiculous new schedule of Preschool, speech and OT, gymnastics, and martial arts and I am so proud.

He is in school from 9-12 5 days a week. Then we walk over to speech 4 times a week and OT 2 times. He goes to martial arts training 2 times and gymnastic 1 time all with a smile on his face.

His speech is incredible. We are working on specific sounds now like l/ch/s along with a lisp and he seems to be opening up more, less shy with much more confidence.

I recently asked his preschool teacher if she thought he would have been ok in Kindergarten. Her answer, "you know, it's a hard call. I think he would have been ok but I see why I decided to hold him. He is shy but I do see him playing with the other kids. He is a really good kid and you can't second guess what you did. You are his mother and you know what is right for him."

She also said that all the other kids want to play with him. She mentioned that he and another boy that was held from Kindergarten play together and she isn't sure if they instinctively know that they are older. Most kids she says want to play with the older kids. It's funny because the Goddess is usually the kid that wants to play with everyone but usually it is Handsome who everyone wants to play with except he doesn't usually want to play.

When I asked the Goddess who she plays with in school she mentioned her brother. When I pressed more she said, "just Handsome." I think next year will be different because she will no longer be the youngest in the class.

As for his Karate and Gymnastics, I couldn't be more prouder. I am amazed with what he does in Gymnastics and he does will in Karate but I hear them constantly telling him to be louder. Hopefully he breaks through his self esteem issues with the help of Karate and moves forward.

He is doing so well. We are so proud and and KNOW holding him was the best thing for him.

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