Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt - Family

Tnchick of Photo Hunter's
theme was Family this week. This is the family picture taken last month for the kids preschool. We used to take one of these every week when my son was born. Then when my daughter was born we managed every week for the first 2 months, then every other. Now we get one at Christmas. I really want to start scheduling family photo session at least once every few months. That's not too much to ask is it????


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

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  2. Anonymous1:12 AM

    i mean, look at all those smiling faces. :D

    pls. feel free to delete my first comment.

  3. oh wow! this is such fun and loving and lovely family shot! I love it!

  4. Anonymous8:00 AM

    lol nice shot!! u'll be surprise how tough it is to actually do that! once the kids start growing up, its near impossible.

  5. Fickle, Thanks for the comment and I deleted. I make that mistake all the time.

    Earthling, My daughter is crazy. Her face cracks me up in this picture. Thanks for your lovely comment and I love seeing your smiling face in my comments.

    Misty, I hear ya. I take a lot of pictures of them but with dad and me in it, not so much. Time goes quick so I need to get back on that wagon.

  6. Anonymous10:02 PM

    mine is kinda late too.though your entry was really great...have a great week ahead.:)

  7. THta is a lovely photo. You all look so happy. It's a good idea to try and take a regular family portrait too.


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