Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Quotes by Goddess - 3 Years 6 Months

When she burps, she says, "I farted in my mouth."

"Are we going to winter soon?" or "are we going to Halloween soon?" I usually answer this with, "winter is coming to us."

"I forgot to kiss Handsome goodnight."

"I am very strong!"

"Santa lives in the dark."

"I wish I was big so I could do..." blah, blah, blah.... she says this for all kinds of things like climbing ladders, cooking dinner, whatever.

"I wish you were little mama, so you could come play at preschool with me."

"Can you read me a story?"

"I just wanted to help (play, share)" Usually this is said through tears because she was stopped from doing something.

"Can I help you?" This is said when I am doing anything. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, making the bed. Hopefully she still wants to do these things long into the future.

"How come they didn't say hi to me?" I hear this at least 5 times a week. How do you explain to a child that someone people just don't say hi? I tell her that they didn't hear her or that they were busy. Today when she said hi to a little girl I told her that the little girl was shy. I also tell her that she is such a big girl for saying hello.


  1. Ah, that was so cute...
    --Yeah, wouldn't it be fun to get small and go to school again...
    And thanks fir the input on the dark Santa mystery...

  2. wow I am so glad other kids say I farted in my mouth, I never ever said it and once day I heard it when we were out and it was after a big one..and thought ok should I crawl under the table or let it laugh off..

  3. Aphoto, she is cute and yes didn't you know that Santa lives in the dark. A lot of the stories we have read have pictures of santa standing under a starry sky, I guess this is why she thinks he lives in darkness. Too funny.

    Monique, Aww thanks so much. Yeah, ahhh...she gets that from her mommmy.

    Mrs. Mommy, Yes, the crazy things they say. Like when we are out and she says, Mom, who farted? You know everyone is looking at me.


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