Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dialogues With Handsome - 5 Years Old

Handsome - "Mom, can I play on your computer?"

Me - "No honey, I am working on the computer."

Handsome - "But Mom, I really, really want to play."

Me - "I know honey. Find something else do to because I have to finish what I am doing."

Handsome - "Mom, Can I play on your computer? It's really good for me to play on the computer."

Me - "Oh really? Sorry honey, maybe later."

Inside my head - "Ok, now where the hell did that come from?"

Me - "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Handsome - "Golfer, bowler, tennis player, baseball player".

Inside my head - "Sports? You never want to play sports."
Me - "Who is your best friend at school?"

Handsome - "Daniel."

Me - "Daniel?"

Handsome - "Yeah he's funny. *laughs* Mommy, you know Daniel? He's funny."

Me - "No honey, I don't know him."

Handsome - "Mom, you know he blew me?"

Me - "huh?

Handsome - "He's funny, he blew me. He went *insert him blowing*"

Me - "Oh"

Inside my head - "oh thank God."



  1. This is the great stuff about talking with children that I love; we get to see the world differently through their young inexperienced eyes. It's a pleasure & a challenge to relate to children. The challenge is in knowing how to respond.

  2. Joy, You are so right. I love interviewing my kids and used to write a whole lot more about what they would say. I need to get back to that.


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