Friday, November 05, 2021

My Life In Pictures May 11 - May 17 , 2021

May 11 - Someone turned 18! I cannot even believe that we were in the hospital having a baby 18 years ago. Handsome my Jesse is the sweetest boy. He always hugs us goodnight, says good morning and hugs me before he leaves my car in the morning. He is a gamer and a teen so usually gaming at his computer with his headphones on. We don't see him much unless he comes out of his room to get something to eat but I'm happy that at 18 I know where he is and can keep him safe from all the negativity in the outside world. As you can see, we didn't dress up for this picture and I wouldn't want it any other way. This is us. 

May 12 - Out with Goddess on a glorious day. We walked around the Village of Warwick taking in some of the beautiful historic mansions and the blooming flowers. Great day for a walk about.

May 13 - Goddess' bestie came over with a gift for her birthday from bestie's Grandma Rose. How sweet is this?

May 14 - A Co-workers mom works at an animal shelter and was kind enough to come in with a guinea pig for my class to see. They were beyond excited.

May 15 - Baby birds under the deck every year means we get to watch nature do its thing. Aren't they the sweetest?!

May 16 - This is Brian. We have been watching him and his cat brother and sister for years. He is currently a tri-cat (three legs). We were excited to see him after hearing about his surgery. He is an old boy and very sweet. I have had to medicate him the last few times I watched him. Honestly, he takes it pretty well.

May 17 - Seeing the art wall at work outside each classroom full of art makes me so very happy. 

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