Saturday, November 06, 2021

Disney Bound; The Trip That Took 8 Years To Make Happen!

Annnnnddd we’re off on a vacation that has been wished for since my daughter was 8 (“all my friends always go but I’ve never been”) and planned for since before COVID.  Where do you think we went??

Well the happiest place on earth of course! 

We woke at 3:00 A.M. left the house by 3:30, stopped at a diner for breakfast and headed to the airport in zombie like fashion. Our flight wasn’t until 8:30 so we had 2 hours to wait but it was worth it since it’s been years since we’ve flown, and the kids never plus we know things are different now.

I’m the worst flyer though! Thank God for my daughter who held my hand the whole time. She just kept reassuring me everything was okay while my husband gave me a thumbs up from across the aisle every time we hit turbulence. We were warned early on that there would be some upon take off. Ugh!

My daughter and I shared an earbud to watch  Onward for the 4th time and still cried at the end.

Look at those cloud pictures! 

More to come


  1. I'm so happy for you and glad to see most people were wearing masks at the airport!

  2. How fun! Hope you have a blast. Those cloud pictures are very pretty. I've never been to Disney. Someday...


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