Sunday, November 21, 2021

Work On Stress Management With Buddha Board

We all have troubles, stress, situations or just things we need to let go of so that we can continue living our best life. Sometimes these situations take longer to fix and sometimes it just requires us to think on it and let it go,  move forward without the baggage. Right before we headed out on vacation last month we received Buddha Board, an artistic way to create and then let go without! 

Buddha Boards for relaxing doodling that disappears! 

It comes in 3 very affordable sizes that give a minimalist, artsy look to your coffee table, shelf, or anywhere. No reason to keep this in a closet. Have it available all the time so when the mood strikes you to create, make some swirls, write, even just to keep your hands busy while watching TV so you don't snack, Buddha Board has your back! 

I prefer the larger size, it is so pretty and honestly looks like art! With the elevated wood stand and well for your paintbrush. 

We used a soy sauce plate for our water, it just felt right!

Light a candle, grab some water, a paint brush and Buddha Board. While you paint, breathe  and think about nothing. Just let your creativity flow.

The 411:

I found it very relaxing! My artist daughter was stressed. She complained that it dries too fast for her creation. She loves art and drawing but had a difficult time with the fact that before she could even finish her art, it was disappearing. I am not an artist so my hand is heavier, my strokes, deeper, I simply used more water and less strokes because well, NOT a sketch artist. 

Here is her cat drawing she was doing of our Jinxy while he slept as we used Buddha Board. She hates it, It was after she decided to just sketch a larger piece so she could have something for my review. Can you see it? He is lying with his back to us, on a cushion! This was after she decided she couldn't do it because it disappears to fast. 

You will see this and many more things on my Holiday Gift Guide coming up very soon. 

To Purchase:  Visit Buddha Board or Amazon

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shipment for my personal opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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