Saturday, November 13, 2021

My Life In Pictures - April 15 - April 30

April 15 - I received dad's ashes. It was not expected and shocked me. I was happy to have him with me. 

April 16 - Playing with reflections and shadows. It was early and the road was beautiful

April 17 - My Goddess' best friend made her a birthday cake. It was a lovely gesture and so yummy!

April 18 - Dropping my daughter and her bestie off at their volunteer gig at the animal shelter. I love that they do this together

April 19 - Sage is a cute girl but she is afraid of her own shadow. 

April 20  NOTHING

April 21 - Looks like Spring is here!

April 22 - Nothing

April 23 - My gorgeous girl who thinks everything is wrong with her. 

April 24 - The deck is getting ready

April 25 - My Fluffy Luna

April 26 Nothing

April 27 Waiting in the car for the kids to come out school is the only time I am alone ever. 

April 28 - Jinxy BOY!

April 29 We have blooms

April 30 - Selfie with app help

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