Wednesday, November 10, 2021

5 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

Every professional and successful business owner and manager knows, respects and fully understands the importance of showing your appreciation and gratitude to your employees, especially over the last two years with the disruption the pandemic caused. 

This holiday season, why not treat your employees to a special Christmas gift, just a small token to show you care yet that is simultaneously still relatively affordable and entirely environmentally friendly?

Here, for your information and reading pleasure, are seven of the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts for your employees.


1. Personalized Bamboo Toothbrushes


Presented in equally as aesthetically pleasing bamboo boxes, buying a bamboo toothbrush wholesale for your valued workforce this Christmas will be no doubt gratefully received and appreciated. For even more emotional impact and overall sentiment, you could even have a toothbrush or box engraved with each employee’s nickname in the office; just keep it clean (just like their teeth will be from now on)!


2. Wheat Grass Pen Set


Entirely natural and simply made from wheatgrass, a refillable and sustainable pen, perhaps with various inspirational and positive quotes engraved on the side, is a brilliant and thoughtful gift for each and every member of your workforce.

A wheatgrass pen will also show your employees both your own and your company's commitment to lowering the carbon footprint of your business and may also make them consider other wheatgrass products in the future. 


3. Soy Wax Candles


Candles are one of the most pleasurable and heart-warming and quite literally warming gifts you could possibly bestow on your employees this holiday season. 

There is a multitude of benefits to choosing soy wax over other types, especially the fact that soy wax is entirely biodegradable and is a renewable and wholly natural resource. Additionally, as soy wax candles have a considerably lower melting point than wax made from paraffin, they burn longer and much slower. 


4. Giant Vegan Chocolate Coin


Not only does vegan chocolate ensure the sourcing of products from responsible farming, it also contains generally substantially more cocoa butter and a much higher content of cocoa, making it delicious as well as entirely eco-friendly. It's a lot more nutrious.


Essentially, there are two different main types of vegan chocolate; dark chocolate, which is naturally vegan as no animal products are used in its creation and milk chocolate used with dairy milk alternatives


5. Eco-Friendly Journals


Slightly more expensive than other items on the lists, yet still relatively affordable, are beautiful, recycled and wholly environmentally friendly journals, made from recycled papers from front to back. 

Not only would such a product make a beautiful and thoughtful gift to your employees, but you would also be contributing to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing throughout your workforce. 

The benefits of journaling are numerous and include affording the writer a place to reflect, to organize thoughts and document feelings, to improve one’s writing skills and to decide upon goals and working out how to achieve them.  


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