Sunday, November 21, 2021

OMG Ethel Why Do You Have To Be So YUMMY?!


An old-fashioned pecan pie bar with rich, buttery crust, handmade caramel, and whole pecans. A crumbly, juicy, sweet raspberry pie filling with a streusel-like topping and light glaze. Handmade cinnamon roll filling and streusel crumb on a buttery shortbread crust. And a chocolate-chip blondie with a hint of caramel.

Is your mouthwatering yet? Are you getting the Holiday feels? We would love for you to taste the Ethel’s Baking Co. Dessert Bars. 

 Ethel’s Baking Co. is making it easier than ever to have a dessert bar at home or on the go with their newest individually packaged dessert bars. You can buy them in the bakery department of your local supermarket like Whole Foods or online they are now offering up a new variety pack to stock up on or give as a gift.

 The Original Pecan Pie Bar

Ethel’s began with their Original Pecan Pie Bar, the Pecan Dandy. Inspired by Grandma Ethel and pecan pie, it starts with a sweet, buttery, flaky shortbread crust. That’s topped with real, handmade caramel, made using real butter, brown cane sugar, pure vanilla, and clover honey. Plus whole pecans! 

The New 20-Bar Variety Pack comes with Four Mouthwatering Flavors.  Five of each, all individually wrapped:

Pecan Dandy, Ethel’s original pecan pie bar. Ideal to cap off Thanksgiving dinner or any holiday gathering.

Cinnamon Crumble, just like an old-fashioned cinnamon roll. Great with an afternoon cup of coffee.

Raspberry Crumble, like a fresh raspberry pastry, made with Ethel’s signature short-bread crust. Ready for holiday brunch.

Blondie, with the sweet butter and chocolate of a chocolate chip cookie and the indulgence of a moist, dense brownie, plus a touch of caramel.

THE 411:

I have ordered 2 boxes since this review and 2 for gifts. These bars are so good and I share every edible review with my daughter but honestly this one I ate two by myself. THEY ARE RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS!

You can tell they are made with the best ingredients. They taste homemade, and if you were to put a pretty plate with these unwrapped someone would think you were baking all day! 

Each flavor was good, I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would be the BLONDIE. 

They are gluten free and I am craving them right now!

To Order Head To Ethels Desserts or find out where you can purchase them here

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