Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Common Bugs And How To Repel Them

As much as we like to think we have a clean and clear home, sometimes nature
wins over everything else and we end up with bugs in the house. 

Pest Control is something which some of us know about but many of us haven’t
had to deal with before, and this can make things difficult for us when we do find and infestation. 

This is why today we have a list of a few of the most common pests you will find in
 the home and how you can get rid of them easily this year. 


Ants are some of the most common bugs of all and they are the ones which are clever
and will work in a team to access your home and your food supplies. There are a few
different things you can do for ants: 

  • Cover and seal away sugar as this smell will attract ants to the home
  • Soapy water - spray or pour soapy water over ants and this should eliminate them pretty easily. 
  • Cucumber - place cucumber peelings in the kitchen and in front of the ants place of entry to the home. Many ants hate the taste and won’t go near cucumber so this should work.
  • Garlic - placing garlic cloves near the point of entry to the home is a great way to control an ant problem because ants hate the strong scent.

Dust Mites

These little microscopic creatures are everywhere in your home and you will not even notice them most of the time. If you have a respiratory illness such as asthma these can be a real issue for you so make sure that you get rid of them as soon as you can. 

  • Clean - getting rid of dust and debris in the house is a simple way to eliminate dust mites and it will keep the home looking and feeling fresh.
  • Use zippered bedding - if you have an allergy to dust mites then this is a great way to stop them getting into the bedding by sealing your sheets with a zipper. 
  • Declutter - as much as we like to collect and keep things in our homes, too much clutter can be a haven for bugs like this. The best thing you can do is declutter the whole house and get rid of mess. 


These are one of the most prevalent pests in the home and they can be ones which
take over the whole space in a very short space of time. To get rid of these you will need
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom - if these spaces are dirty they will attract cockroaches and they will start to hide in dark corners and breed. 
  • Diatomaceous Earth - this is a safe earth which can be poured in areas where cockroaches often congregate and the tiny particles will cut into their exoskeleton and kill them. 
  • Catnip - cats themselves can be a pretty good repellent against cockroaches, but if they are persistent you can use catnip. They don’t like the smell of it this feline drug so if you place this around the house in areas they often gather, it will deter them away. 

Fleas will most likely gain entry to the home via a pet, and they can multiply pretty quickly,
and their bite is annoying and painful. 

  • Flea treatment - treat your pet with a flea spray right away and most of the fleas will die. 
  • Shampoo - by washing your pet with shampoo and combing their fur  this will kill fleas and also remove their eggs. 

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