Saturday, July 06, 2019

Don't Forget The Sun Block - Stock Up Now And Get A Gift Card

I worked for a Dermatologist for years and know how important sunblock is. Being outdoors all day is good for you. I want my kids outside instead of wrapped up in a game online or on their phone but I also want to keep them from damaging their skin. 

We always have 3-4 sunblocks with us when we head out.

My favorite Sunblocks are

Banana Boat Sport Coolzone because it DOES cool me off. I love the feel of it on my skin and it completely unseen. We are planning a trip to Disney "SOON" and I am bringing this one!

Banana Boat Dry Oil is my husband's favorite. He loves the sun and gets great color. It is water-proof, goes on light so it doesn't feel oily and it smells amazing.

Many of you know I work in preschool and obviously we need to apply sunblock to all the kids before we go outside. I am adamant that it goes on no matter what a kid wants and meticulous about it because hello "you are not getting a sunburn on my watch." With 10 toddlers, you can imagine it is not an easy task and we need to wear gloves and change them with each kid. We had one child we refused to have sunscreen put on and it was a struggle. Eventually his parents came in with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer and it was perfect. He would apply it and we would rub it in. If you have a kid who hates having sunscreen on their skin this is a life changer!

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