Monday, January 08, 2018

Day 6 and 7 Photo Challenge - Playing Catch Up - Bunnies and Luna

Working at an animal shelter means we fall in love with new furries every time we go. We all have our favorites and if I couldn't there are probably 5 cats I would adopt right now. Yesterday we were able to hold some new bunnies only a few weeks old. They werre born in December. Mom came in with 6-8 baby bunnies and one day the volunteers of the day came in to clean up and found a bunch of pinkies newly born to mamma over night. Mom is white and dad is dark brown. They made some beautiful babies. Her first litter was all white while this new litter had some white, some grey, some dark brown almost black. They are adorable and very sweet. My daughter and I loved the opportunity to spend some time socializing them so they are ready for their forever home.

Not sure what Luna has her sights on out there but they should be very thankful she cannot get them.

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