Tuesday, January 02, 2018

5 Things To Do This Year

1. Bust A Move - Getting physical means whatever it does for you.Maybe take a walk, do some good old calisthenics, join a gym, play a sport. Whatever, just do it! Dedicate time to it. Put it on the calendar. Make sure you do it every day. Your body and your mind will thank you.

2. Get er Done  - Finish any projects you have been meaning to finish and set up some new ones. But if you start it, finish it!  Things sitting left undone take up space. If you are like me, out of sight means out of mind so I tend to keep things out on my desk, table, dresser until I finish it.

3.  Clean House - Throw it out! Find it a new home! Find a new use for it! Whatever you don’t love, use or need should go.  Lighter house, lighter life, lighter mind. It all goes together. The lighter my house, the clearer my mind. Make peace with letting go of things that you are holding because of guilt. It is OK to let it go.

4. Set Goals - Get a new journal, notebook, post it pad, calendar or whatever and write things down. Decide now is the time. Make lists, write deadlines and then do it.

5. Take Time To Be Silent - This is probably the most important of the 5.  Take time to just be with the universe. Listen to the world around with you. Be at peace with the silence around you. Listen to your own inner voice. Stop it all. Put the phone down. Listen to your heart and be free! It is so hard to do in this day and age with all of us attached to our smartphones or other devices but it is so important and we should all make a conscious effort to detach.

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