Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snowball Soup by Mercer Mayer


Snow Ball Soup by Mercer Mayer, (Little Critter, My First I Can Read)

What does a snowman like to eat? Snowball soup, of course! Join Little Critter®, Little Sister, and Dog as they make their new friend a tasty treat.

I love children's books. As a child I had a love of books and being at the library was one of my favorite places and it still is. Instilling that same in love in my children is important and while they don't have the same kind of fascination I had as a child, they still love seeing their books on their book shelves.

Handsome is a great reader but at 7 Goddess still struggles, and the My First I Can Read books are great for her. They are easy enough for her and allow her to gain confidence while still being a challenge.

In Snow Ball Soup Little Critter and his Sister, Little Sister go outside to play in the snow. While out there they make a snowman and decide to make him snowball soup because he must be hungry. They eventually have to go inside for their own lunch of soup only to find that their dog ate all the snow ball soup.

Goddess and Handsome love the book because the story is cute and there are cute pictures on each page.

If you love Little Critter head over to Silver Dolphin Book Blog and check out the Little Critter activity pages.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy for our honest opinion. 

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