Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Reasons To Love Valentine's Day

I know there are a lot of you out there that love Valentine's Day and a whole bunch who look at it as a marketing ploy for Hallmark and candy companies to sell more cards and chocolate and well, you are not wrong... but it is also a beautiful way to show your devotion to those you love in a very special way beyond what you do on a normal day.

1) Hearts in pink and red! 

I adore hearts. They just symbolize love and adoration. 

Photo of Handsome's Valentine to us in 2010

2) Candy! 

Most people love candy but many of us stay away from it because well, in plain English, it makes us fat. BUT...come Valentine's Day...all bets are off and we don't feel guilty about plunking down a few of those sweet, chocolate covered unknowns out of a heart shaped box.

Goddess at age 10 months having her very first bite of chocolate. She has been a chocolate lover ever since.

3) Valentine Day Cards 

They are just pretty and you don't have to spend a fortune other. You can make one. It isn't often that my husband tells me how he really feels. He is a man of few words. We kiss at least four times a day but to actually see his written words makes me feel so good and I cherish those cards.

Oppsey Daisy

4) Food

It doesn't take much to make Valentine's Day special. Some food color in the pancake batter, a heart shaped sandwich for lunch. A love note in the lunch box. These are things you could do any day but they are so special on Valentine's Day.

Oh I wish I could find my photos of our Valentine's Day breakfast but I can't find the plug to my external drive.  But it was something like this from Farm Bells.

5) Sex

We are pretty active folks in this department but some people aren't but on Valentine's Day if you put the effort in, you can reconnect in one of the most sexy ways with another person.  Show your significant other you love and appreciate them by taking the initiative if you don't often do it. It is amazing what skin on skin can do for you!

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