Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Kids Art Makes Me Smile

If you are like me you love when the kids come home with art projects. I can do without the thousands of worksheets that they bring home and head right for the trash but throwing out any art work is so much harder.

Here are a few pictures that have made their way into their portfolio while others we took photos of so we could toss them.

Goddess' Andy Warhol is a keeper
Handsome's Salvador Dali
Goddess' Father's Day Fish on a pole
Still life of a bone by Handsome

Still life of a bone by Goddess
Goddess loves drawing and love!


  1. Yes, this is something very endearing about a kid's art.

    1. Thanks Rebecca. I love their school projects and the ones they do on their own more than anything else.

  2. These are great. :)

  3. Cute idea to take photos of the artwork. Your kids are talented. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  4. Goddess really has a natural talent!!!

  5. Simply beautiful hands, gorgeous colors.


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