Friday, August 17, 2012

Throw the Perfect Kids Party

By Mersene Norbom, Conway Confidential

Kids’ parties can be a handful, but with a few cleverly constructed “play stations” your next kid’s party will be a breeze.  Spread a few play stations out over your living room inside your home, or outside in the back yard, far enough apart so there’s no overflow and the kids can focus.  These are play stations I’ve used for my kids – they were not only a huge hit but they made the parties kerfuffle free.
1.    Cookie Decoration – Have a cookie decorating station with different color frostings and sprinkles.  The kids will love giving the cookies that bling, then having them for a snack too.

2.    Video Game Station – Having a video game station for the boys is a must.  Put a play time of 15 or 20 minutes per couple of boys so that everyone gets a turn. Have some snacks at the station like Twizzlers and peanuts so they can munch while they destroy evil alien invaders.

3.    Card Making – A card making station is so much fun because the kids can make a card for the birthday girl or boy if it’s a birthday party, or any celebration card.  Have different colored markers, crayons, and even some glue with glitter so the kids can really create one-of-a-kinds.

4.    Paper Airplanes – The simplicity of the paper airplane still remains a go-to activity to this day.  Having a paper airplane station with markers so the kids can decorate their airplanes also gives them a nice token to bring home at the end of the party.

5.    Flower Arranging – Kids love flowers as much as we do and arranging is an art they can enjoy at a party and also bring their arrangement home as a trophy to be enjoyed for days to come.  Have several different types of flowers, cut and ready to be arranged in small vases.  You can even be more creative and arrange the flowers in take-home mugs or tall glasses and they’ll have another party keepsake. 

Mersene Norbom is a designer and the owner and founder of Indulge by Mersene.  For more ideas, visit Indulge by Mersene

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