Saturday, November 05, 2011

When I Was Little I Believed....

When I was a little girl, I wanted to help the world. I hoped to one day adopt, travel and feed all the hungry babies I saw on TV and help the poor. Funny thing was, I was one of the poor. We didn't know it at the time. We thought this was the way it was and we had what we needed.  I grew up with parents who although they didn't have anything, they helped others. Maybe their reasons were selfish and now knowing my dad, I would assume this to be true. Some people help because they have their own agenda or they are practicing redemption. Others, do good deeds because it is in their hearts.

Now that I have actually put down roots for the past 10 years (longest I have ever lived anywhere), I realize that most people do kind things because it is what's in their heart. That doesn't mean I am oblivious to those who may help others because of their own agenda but I truly believe MOST people have good hearts. They may not always do what we feel is the RIGHT thing but that is when we have to sit back and remind ourselves that not all people are the same and we come from different backgrounds and have different outlooks. If we don't allow ourselves to see this, we spend most of our lives pissed about things that weren't even the intentions of others.

Always try to see the big picture in life. Not everyone does things to upset YOU.

(Disclaimer: This post wasn't written with anyone in mind, literally I sat down and started typing and this is the end result. The post wrote itself. Take from it what you will).

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