Monday, November 21, 2011

Gracie's Gift by Andrea Trosclair

Gracie awakens the morning of her birthday party excited and ready to celebrate! Her excitement quickly turns to frustration as she notices a "bow" sitting beside her beautiful party dress. Why must she always have these BOWS in her hair? Why does her mommy INSIST on them? As the story unfolds, Gracie's mother explains that you don't see presents wrapped without BOWS. Do you? Relating to her precious child as her own "gift"- She celebrates her blessing from God by placing a bow in the hair of her sweet child each day. As Gracie realizes that these special bows are not to annoy her, but to celebrate her mother's love & affection for her- she proudly wears them for all to see!!

About the Author
Andrea Eskine Trosclair has lived in or around Baton Rouge, LA her entire life. She is a registered nurse, which she immensely enjoyed before being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005.

The 411:
We received this book on Friday and have read it five times since than. As someone who lost her mom at 12, having a daughter was something I wanted in the worst way because I felt I missed out on a Mother/Daughter relationship. When I was pregnant and found it I was having a boy, I was so excited. The girl thing never came up. The love I felt for him was instantaneous. I loved him as soon as I knew he was coming. When I got pregnant again, I convinced myself that it was another boy. I would be the best mom of boys I could be. The excitement of giving my son a brother was strong.  When I heard the baby was going to be a girl. I cried, well sobbed is more like it. The reason, I always told myself and anyone who would listen that if there was a GOD, he would give me a girl. It was my validation! She is always told that I know there is a GOD because he gave me her.

Andrea wrote the most beautiful book about God's gifts. In this case, it was a girl. The bows I put in Goddess' hair was something I did without thought. I never realized I was dressing "my" gift. My beautiful gift.

Our children, boys and girls truly are gifts from God! Andrea put into words what millions of parents think every single day.

Moms, will love this book forever. What a beautiful gift to give to your daughter regardless of her age!  Gifts from God deserve a gift from Andrea, complete with adorable artwork by Sean Geautreaux. Goddess and I, love this book!

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I just spent 10 minutes searching for a photo of baby Goddess with a bow. Unfortunately, I don't have time to plug in the External Hard Drive, this is the youngest picture I can find in the new computer archives.

There was always a bow. We still do them, only now she has a little more say and likes her hair down!

Climbing the ladder
My Gift From GOD!

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