Monday, November 07, 2011

Cold This Morning

Ugh, I am feeling so cold right now. Could be because it dropped below freezing last night and I have been up since 5 working. My feet are really what is cold but since I only have 10 more minutes I don't want to get socks.

The time changes has messed with the balance of the house. Goddess fell asleep last night about 7:00, usually she doesn't go to bed until 9:15. She is usually in her bed at 9:00 complaining about how she isn't tired. I took a nap yesterday which NEVER happens and was still able to fall asleep about 11:00.

Handsome who is usually up by 5:15 the latest, is still sleeping will be surprised to see his usually slumbering sister up and almost dressed. Hopefully, it doesn't take long to fall back into a happy balance but right now I think we may have a rough morning. Hope I am wrong.

Has the time change affected your house?

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  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    We are definitely messed up here because of the time change. We were up and ready to go at 5 AM. It's 6:oo PM, and now we're dragging!

    -Sherry Ellis
    (new follower. For some reason, I can't post as anything but anonymous)


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