Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - My Babies

Sunday Snapshot

The kids and I headed out to a farm Thursday. We used to come here at least three times a week when they were younger. It was bigger than. Changes have made the family areas so small (they made way for a beer garden!? really, is this needed? Whatever!). We only stayed about a half hour before the asked to leave. These are the things that make me sad. There are a lot of things that make me sad. Like my daughter telling me she is ready to get rid of some of her toys (she is ONLY 6). I loved my toys and hated parting with them. I was 12 still playing with my barbies, back in the 70's life was simple. Bikes, Barbies, Books were my life. These days my kids play way more computer and electronic games. It is my fault of course! They ask for them and I get them. No matter how old they get, they will always be MY babies.

Picnik collage


  1. Oh they grow up too fast don't they. Beautiful pictures and I love the vintage edit.

  2. They're growing since I started following your blog. Amazing to watch them change and become their own divine selves.
    This is a nice split view of them.

  3. Ginny, you are not kidding. It breaks my heart. Thanks so much.

  4. It is too sad! Makes me crazy how fast it is going. They are amazing but make me crazy every day. Thanks Freda. I like this too!

  5. I children try to throw their stuffed animals away, but I have tubs full of them - I can't part with them. It does go by too fast - my older baby will be a senior this year...the thought of him going to college makes me sad, too.


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