Thursday, August 04, 2011

Movie Set For Photo Op With Rob Reiner

The sky was gray. The birds weren't chirping and my hair was frizzing and getting bigger by the second but it was one of the best days ever. There are moments in our lives that we remember forever. Graduation, your wedding, the birth of your children, are usually among the top of the list. Today, I had one of those stellar days and my children weren't involved at all. If you know me, this is not the norm. They were left at home with my husband as I headed out to a movie set location of the day, for Summer At Dog Daves (btw..invited by the Mayor of this town, but more on that later).

When I got there, the street was closed. I gave my name and was allowed in after being told I was expected. Trying not to blush, I parked my car. Quickly calling my husband for a pep talk and taping a quick video of how I was feeling (it may never be seen), I smoothed my skirt and stepped out of the car.  I had a moment to talk to The Warwick Valley Dispatch who was kind enough to tell me to keep up the good work.

We walked together to the set and waited for instructions. The other reporters took notes, I took them too but can't locate them at the moment (how is that for stellar journalism!?).

As I listen to the buzzing and the conversations around me all I can think of is, oh my gosh...what am I doing here? Is that Morgan Freeman smiling at me? Wow, Rob Reiner is so nice! Look at how many people it takes to make a movie! Virginia Madsen is really pretty." Seriously, that is what is going on in my head, but on the outside, I am quietly taking pictures, writing names and information for this post and generally trying to appear completely and utterly unaffected by the amazing people in front of me. Not an easy job mind you when you are a complete celebrity freak like me and all you want to do is smile.

We take photos of locals (Dean Mahoney, Julianna Crawford ("like Cindy Crawford") and Christian Vogeler  who are working on the set with Rob Reiner.

Someone calls Rob to look at a scene. I suddenly remember I have a DVD in my hand.  Wait, I brought this for an autograph. Should I ask? Do I ask? Is it right? Would it be...."Rob? Rob!" I am calling his name before I even realize I did it. He turns. It starts to rain on us. "I am sorry to ask but could you please sign this for me? It was one of my favorite movies last year (The movie for you inquiring minds is Flipped! Awesome movie.)  You are amazing, so underrated. This movie was beautiful!" He is looking at me and I am thinking I spoke to much but remind myself that I will never have this opportunity again in my life. Take it!
Thank you to Warwick Valley Living for taking this shot (please ignore that back fat)

I have a marker, he takes it and smiles, "thank you so much. Thank you for liking this movie. It is a movie that is dear to my heart."

He asks my name. I tell him. He signs it. I apologize again for asking and say, "thank you so much!" He tells me it is no problem as one of the crew starts talking to him. I remember it is raining and walk over to protect the now signed DVD case. I am completely thrilled.

The assistants are busy writing notes for the reporters while the Mayor holds an umbrella over their heads so the ink doesn't run. Got to love a hands on Mayor.  In fact, she was spotted picking up trash on the street today to toss it in the appropriate place.

Me: Ryan, why Greenwood Lake. What was it about this town that made this the perfect fit for the movie?

Ryan: It is exactly what the script called for. The script was written about a lake front community. We didn't think we would find one and when we came here, we saw exactly what was written. That doesn't happen often. We originally didn't think we would find one. We thought we would have to find a home with a large back yard that we could build a set on. When we came here and Rob got out of the car. He said, "  this is exactly what we had envisioned"  and immediately started pointing at houses for the characters of the movie. The location is perfect. There are house right on the lake. Greenwood Lake doesn't just feel like a Lake Town it feels like a community and that is exactly what we were looking for.

The movie is about a grouchy man who because of the closeness of the community, reluctantly, eventually, becomes part of the community. Is is the PERFECT location for this script and this movie.

What an awesome day! I was high for 24 hours.


  1. Seems like a real nice man! Looks like you had a good time too!

  2. crystal8:35 PM

    Awesome Maria,I think visiting a movie set would be a lot of fun.I think Rob Reiner is very talented so it's cool to hear that he is nice too:)I'm so happy you got this chance!


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