Friday, August 12, 2011

Goddess and Handsome Experience Their First Celebrity Moment

If you live close to a town where a movie is being shot, you tend to drive by it more often. Summer at Dog Dave's starring Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen and director by Rob Reiner was wrapping up in a local community near me so, the kids and I featured out to see what was happening. Ok, I coerced them into coming by promising ice cream.

We got out of the car with them complaining and saying they didn't want to be there. I told them I understood and listened patiently while I snapped with my camera until they shouted "rolling" (only about 3 minutes) than I put my hands over their mouths. 15 minutes into us standing there and the kids asking to leave. Two young girls walked across the street. I knew who it was instantly. Madeline (Maddy) Carroll, who starred in Flipped (which I reviewed last year and we just saw her in Mr. Poppers Penguins but some may know her from The Santa Claus 3 or The Spy Next Door. The other girl who I didn't know is Emma Fuhrmann. She is a new actress whose blues eyes are mesmerizing. She was very sweet.

Maddy walked over to our side where there were a bunch of children. She smiled and waved to everyone as if she knew us. She caught everyone's eye saying "hello," signing autographs for some young fans. We shook hands as she introduced herself. She was so sweet and took a picture with everyone I threw at her. Her sweet, honest personality along with Emma Fuhrmann who was very polite and shook my hand and also took a photo with young fans was quite different from the young stars you hear about in the tabloids.

Here are some photos from yesterday. I couldn't be happier.



Picnik collage

Picnik collage

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