Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Do You Teach Good Sportsmanship

Teaching children to be good winners is as important as teaching them to be good losers! With that said, I have two questions, how do you teach them to do their best even if that means not always winning? And, how do you teach them to be good winners and supportive instead of their own cheerleaders when they win?

My son loves his Wii. He lives for the moments he can play and would play all day if I allowed it. Teaching him to share his games, be supportive and not yell at others while he plays against them has been an uphill battle.

Since he plays so often, he is very good at the game. He often shouts at others who are slower at getting the game or God forbid they are better than him and beat him, there will be tears! When he wins, he laughs and calls others loser. It has been awful to listen to because while I think within a family, this kind of teasing and ribbing could be good fun, it can hurt feelings, especially with a peer. So, teaching him to win and lose nicely has become a full time job.

Any suggestions, on how to teach good sportmanship?

I believe there should be no trash talk but I am not sure how to handle when it happens.

We would prefer if our son spoke kinder to people.

We believe in setting by example so encourage "nice" talk but feel we are micro managing our son's conversation.

If any one has any suggestions on how to foster good sportsmanship, I would love
to hear about it.

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