Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Has Your Favorite Show Been Cancelled?

Better With You (ABC)  - Sandwiched between The Middle and Modern Family, this show seriously had to suck to be canceled. Where were people going for a half hour?

Breaking In (FOX) Awww...Christian Slater.
Ending after one season, final episode on 5/18/2011

Brothers & Sisters (ABC) My father will be heartbroken. This is one of his favorite shows.
Ending after five seasons, final episode on 5/8/2011

The Chicago Code (FOX) - I don't even know this show.
Ending after one season, final episode on 5/23/2011

Entourage (HBO) - I know a certain high school senior who will be crushed.
Ending after eight seasons, final episode on 9/11/2011

The Event (NBC) I love Jason Ritter and did watch 4 episodes when it fell off my radar. Guess it wasn't even good enough to remember it. Weird since I do remember linking it.
Ending after one season, final episode on 5/23/2011

Running Wilde (FOX) ?
Ending after one season, final episode on 5/21/2011

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl (SHO) ?
Ending after four seasons, final episode on 5/26/2011

Smallville (CW) I guess it ran its course.
Ending after ten seasons, final episode on 5/13/2011

Stargate Universe (Syfy) Never watched this but maybe I will catch it on Netflix
Ending after two seasons, final episode on 5/9/2011

The Suite Life On Deck (DSNY) These boys are too busy and want to finally grow up.
Ending after three seasons, final episode on 5/6/2011

Traffic Light (FOX) ?
Ending after one season, final episode on 5/17/2011

$#*! My Dad Says (CBS)
18 episodes and it is done!

More to Come!
Thankfully none of these are sending me into a tailspin!


  1. The only one I will miss is Shit My Dad Says.

  2. YES!! "V", Lie to Me and Human Target!!

  3. On your list, I will miss The Chicago Code. Not on your list, the same ones as Sandra. Plus Off the Map, Law & Order: LA and No Ordinary Family.
    Bummer. It seems that the networks are taking off any show that makes you THINK or have a family that is intelligent (not a stupid dad and smart ass kids that get away with everything) and are replacing them with "Reality" (good heavens, help us all) or more idiotic commedies. Thank heavens for A&E and the BBC America.

  4. Sandra,
    Sorry to hear that you are losing your shows.

    Lorie, I really liked No Ordinary Family in the beginning. It just ran its course.


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