Sunday, May 22, 2011

NEW! Departures: Two Rediscovered Stories

Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishers - Releases May, 2011

This book includes a short story about Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen. In the note below, Robin explains the re-release of this frequently requested novella.

“Rediscovered” is such a great word. It makes me think of that happy moment that comes when you open a suitcase and out tumbles a tiny shell you picked up on the beach on your last vacation.

My husband and I recently moved. In the middle of the packing of my old nest I found the original floppy disc where I stored this book when I first wrote it in 1995. It was a lovely rediscovery moment. My agent and I agreed that this book went out of print too soon. The team at Waterbrook/ Multnomah Publishers jumped onboard and agreed to make “Departures” available once again.
I think you’ll enjoy having an opportunity to pop in to see what happened with Christy and Sierra during a summer season that was full of changes for both of them. As I went through the restored manuscript while sitting in my new nest after our move, I felt as if I were visiting with old friends. The stories still bring a smile. I hope you’ll have the same experience as you read “Departures”.
About This Book
Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen cross paths on their way to summer vacations that reveal what a gift it is to have a true Forever Friend.

Now Boarding at Gate 10
After her high school graduation, still aching from Todd’s departure, Christy joins her family on a trip to Wisconsin to visit relatives. While there, she reunites with Matthew, an old friend from junior high. When Matthew starts to show a romantic interest in Christy, she realizes this summer vacation could change everything she thought her future would be.

In the Event of a Water Landing
Fifteen-year-old Sierra Jensen can’t wait to spend her summer vacation with her friend Jana at a pristine lake in Montana. But when they arrive, it becomes clear that Jana’s only interest is acquiring a boyfriend. Sierra just wants to hang out with the guys as friends, but Jana turns every encounter into a possible romantic relationship. As their friendship begins to suffer, Sierra wonders if it’s possible to find a Forever Friend who will listen to you, laugh with you, and keep your confidences.

What I Can Tell You: I love young adult books. For me, short stories aren't favorites of mine. I am always left feeling as if  things were just dropped and left. It always feels so unfinished to me.  I really enjoyed the first story of Christy returning to her home town for her grandparents anniversary after high school graduation. When she returns she is told that her first crush, Matt is looking to call on her. Is it possible to have a new beginning with her first crush? Is he even interested? I thought the author did a good job of creating a history of the characters. It was a sweet reunion. Very safe and perfect for young girls. 

The second story about Sierra didn't grab me. Sierra just wants to hang out with good friend Jana. Jana is different than she remembers and is only interested in boys. I didn't connect with any character. 

What I did like about these stories is I didn't feel preached to. Although there are references to scripture and God, the stories will appeal to young girls even if they aren't religious.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book through the Blogging for Books/Waterbrook Multnomah.

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