Sunday, May 16, 2010

Perfect Baby - Preschooler DVD

As a mom with two children I have seen my share of kid DVD's.

I made a vow to myself early on that if the kids were going to watch TV, it was going to be educational, informative, engaging and entertaining.

When I got the opportunity to review a DVD geared toward babies and preschoolers and since I was such a viewer I considered myself a self proclaimed "expert" and said yes.

Here is a description from the website:
PlayMove&Sing Inc. is built upon the observation that babies and very young children learn more about themselves, and the world around them, when they engage directly in movement discovery and play throughout the day. PlayMove&Sing provides interactive CDs, DVDs, audio picture books and musical play activities to promote learning, listening and active viewing.

What I Can Tell You: I sat down to watch it thinking, OK, the kids are too old and I will, watch, review and pass along the information.  Putting the DVD in, it starts out with classical music and these little guys.
Goddess (5) comes in, sits down and says "can I watch?" I say "of course". We are two minutes in and Handsome (7) comes in and sits down. Making a mental note, I think, "interesting". The kids stand up and move toward the TV with me thinking, "OK, they are interested."
I am surprised, the DVD seems perfect for babies up to 3 years old but my kids are interested. Maybe it is the colors, maybe the puppets. I personally think it is a combination, of sing-song talking, music, movement, presentation, and puppets.

We have watched the DVD three times this week and we all sing the songs now. I believe it is a great, quality DVD to introduce your child to the world of song and movement with a very special sweet, child friendly host.

To order go here.

Disclaimer: I received the DVD free of charge to write my honest opinion of Play Move and Sing with Sukey Molloy.

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  1. I watched the video--no wonder the kids are hooked! Very mesmerizing :) I love the little clock guy.


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