Monday, May 10, 2010

Kelley Armstrong Series Should Be Your Next Guilty Pleasure

Thanks to Harper Teens I received The Reckoning, by Kelley Armstrong, the last in the trilogy.

You can see my review including video review of the first two books here.

BOOK THREE: The Reckoning
Chloe must face her evolving feelings for both an irritable, antisocial werewolf and his charming, sweet-tempered brother—who just happens to be a sorcerer. As if raising the dead wasn't enough.

What I Can Tell You: I was anxious to receive the Reckoning but it was a bittersweet longing. I knew that once I was finished with this book, Chloe's story would be over. I had the same feeling while reading the Twilight Saga. I refused to read Breaking Dawn because leaving Bella, Edward and the clan just broke my heart.

I believe this Kelley Armstrong is an amazing author, completely sucking the reader in and bringing the characters right off the page.

Why a studio hasn't picked this up is amazing. This story should be a movie! It reads like a movie and the concept is intriguing. What DOES happen when you mix a werewolf, necromancer, half-demon, sorcerer and other darker powers together?

The Dark Powers series is a great way to spend the summer. Read it with your teens, if you have no teens at home, read it for yourself. It is a great series.

From Harper Teen Site: Meet the Characters of the Trilogy

Meet Chloe and her supernatural companions
Chloe Lauren Saunders
Hair: strawberry blond, shoulder length, wispy style
Eyes: blue
Supernatural Type: necromancer
Abilities: can see and communicate with ghosts, raise the dead
Interests: writing, movies; dreams of being a screenwriter/director
Family: lives with a housekeeper and her father, when he is not traveling; no siblings, mother deceased

Rachelle (Rae) Rodgers
Hair: long, dark curls
Eyes: coppery brown
Supernatural Type: Exustio half-demon
Abilities: can create and manipulate fire
Interests: manga, skateboarding, babysitting, and working with children
Family: lives with foster parents and siblings; birth mother is Jacinda, birth father is lord demon Asmondai

Victoria (Tori) Enright
Hair: short and dark
Eyes: brown
Supernatural Type: witch/sorcerer hybrid
Abilities: can cast spells; doesn’t need incantations
Interests: computers, swimming, fashion
Family: lives with her parents, one younger sister

Elizabeth (Liz) Delaney
Hair: long, straight, and blond
Eyes: dark blue
Supernatural Type: Volo half-demon
Abilities: telekinesis-can move objects with her mind
Interests: music, boys, volleyball, friends
Family: lives with her grandmother; mother deceased, father is lord demon Belial

Derek Souza
Hair: dark hair, hangs in his eyes
Eyes: green
Supernatural Type: werewolf
Abilities: heightened senses and strength, shape-shifts into a wolf
Interests: math, science, engineering, running
Family: lives with his foster father, Kit Bae, and foster brother, Simon

Simon Bae
Hair: dark blond hair worn in short, messy spikes
Eyes: brown
Supernatural Type: sorcerer
Abilities: can cast spells; needs incantations
Interests: art, soccer, basketball
Family: lives with his dad, Kit, and foster brother, Derek

First three chapters of The Reckoning are available on Kelley Armstrong's website but I don't suggest you read them until you have read the first two books! I wouldn't want to ruin it for you.

If you have read any of the books, check out this cool Chloe Saunders website.

I am looking forward to Kelley's new book Tales of the Otherworld
And, The next trilogy which starts with the book The Gathering. Read the first chapter here.


  1. I have 2 Kelley Armstrong books on my shelf that I haven't read, nor do I think they go together.
    Bitten and No Humans Involved.
    I've heard nothing but good things about the Summoning Series....
    Yup, I'm going to get them, it's that simple.


  2. I am impatiently waiting for my library to get a copy of this book. I may just have to break down and buy these, they are that good!


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