Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fragments

It has been a crazy week.

Busy with life and still playing catch up on sponsors, giveaways, reviews and email.

Monday - I had a meeting with the Director of Curriculum, Principal and two other moms from the school. The other moms each of kids in the school and for the past three years I have heard about some problems that I was hoping to combat before the kids even started. Both kids will be in this school next year and there were a few things we wanted to bring to the attention of the school.

#1 for all of us were the attitudes of the aids who greet our children. We weren't asking them to move mountains or to fire anyone. We wanted them to know that the attitude presented at the school was NOT OK, unacceptable and unprofessional. Hopefully the few things we presented will be fixed before September when my kids start.

Tuesday - What the hell happened Tuesday? I don't remember. I think this was a laundry, review, cleaning day.

Wednesday - I met with someone about insurance! Boring and tons of paperwork

As a Pearista for Pear Tree, I received really cute note monogram note cards. For all your stationary needs, remember Pear Tree for your cards, invitations and more.

Then I received a box from Aurora Focus Group for YooHoo & Friends I received this box
You really want to make a kid happy! Let them open a box of really awesome stuffed animals.  Doesn't she look as proud as Octomom minus two kids?

Thursday - My baby girl, Goddess had her Kindergarten orientation. We had breakfast with Clary then headed to orientation. excited as I am for her. I am so sad. She is my little buddy. She looked so small on the bus. They took us on an 8 minute bus ride and she was so excited.

I also found out that I won a $100 Fisher Price card which is so exciting!

Friday - I got to see a friend who I haven't seen since Monday. Her husband is off and it is harder to see her. She came over for an hour and a half and we got to chat. Then Goddess and I did some work in the family room, some laundry and headed out to pick up Handsome.

Hope you had a great week!


  1. Some weeks are too busy and too crazy. I think we all have weeks like that and it must be even harder for those of you who have blogs and reviews. Sometimes you need to just take care of the family and home things first, and of course yourself, then this site.
    I think we (your readers) all understand, at least I do.
    God Bless.
    P.S. Goddess congrats on getting to enter Kindergarten soon.

  2. Octomom minus two kids!?! Hilarious!! I read the whole post but that part really stuck in my head :)

  3. That was hilarious! Your daughter is so cute. Kindergarten was always so sad for me and now I get to be sad all over when my grand babies go. I am visiting from FF and I know I'm a little late but I have a good excuse! I hope you will stop by and say hi!

  4. Anonymous9:06 PM

    BUSY Busy week!!

    BTW Tuesday we had bkfst together. (tear tear)

    Congrats on Goddess starting K in September. It is very exciting but sad.

  5. Congrats on the win!


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